Building a cleaner....safer....greener City


Priorities for our City:
Keep rates low
Improve community safety and introduce Home Security  Rebate
Additional verge junk    collection
Invest in sporting, recreation  and community facilities

Improved community  consultation
Enhance and protect our natural environment


Our goal is to keep rates low for our ratepayers whilst delivering quality projects and services.

Community Safety - Home Security Rebates
We have listened to our residents and understand that many are concerned about crime and safety in the area. We will continue to support the City working closely with local Police and the Neighbourhood Watch to reduce opportunities for crime and improve our residents safety. It is important that all development in the City is designed to promote the safety of users, utilising strategies such as lighting and passive surveillance.
If elected we will advocate for the introduction of a
Home Security Rebate Scheme, available to all residents for approved home security items. This will assist residents with the cost of installing security devices, improving residents safety in their homes and deter criminal activity in the area.
All of our residents have a right to feel safe in their home.

Additional Verge Side Junk Collection:
The City currently offers 1 general junk collection and 2 green waste collections. We have listened to residents frustration in having only 1 general junk collection. We understand this leads to residents accumulating  junk around their home through-out the year and many not having alternative ways to dispose of their household items. Unfortunately, due to the closure of the City Tip many years ago, the City does not offer tip passes for residents.
As such we will advocate for an extra general junk collection bringing it to
2 junk collections and 2 green waste collections per year. With a longer term view to offer tip passes or waste drop off days when a Waste Transfer Facility is constructed in the City.
This will benefit residents by reducing the amount of waste being stored and reduce illegal dumping, which is expensive for the City to clean up and discard.

Invest in Sporting, Recreation and Community Facilities:
We understand the City's population is rapidly growing as a positive result of strong residential development and the increase in housing density in previously established areas through urban renewal. The City of Gosnells is well positioned and is a popular location for many families, this in turn creates a greater need for community facilities, parks, playgrounds and active recreational areas. The big backyards we once grew up with are becoming a memory of the past and it is important the City keeps up with this evolving trend and provides facilities to keep our community active.

If elected we will advocate for increased investment in Sporting and Recreation facilities to cater for our growing City and the increasing number of residents. We have a vision for our residents to be able to live and play locally. Improving health, wellbeing and reducing commute times. We recognise the need for these facilities for the region and will actively advocate for State and Federal funding to support these types of projects.

Major projects we would like to see in the near future include:

- Sutherlands Park Redevelopment
- Indoor Multisport Recreation Centre in Langford
- Technology/ Innovation/ Makerspace Hub

We will advocate for the expansion and redevelopment of Sutherlands Park to include updated clubrooms, an indoor recreation centre and an Aquatic Centre, prioritising consultation and retention of existing clubs.

We will advocate for a new
indoor multisport recreation facility in Langford, to allow for indoor netball, indoor basketball, indoor soccer and other court based sports.

We will advocate for the City to invest in a
Technology/ Makerspace/ Innovation Hub, providing residents access to technology and non tech equipment, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, circuitry, soldering equipment, hand tools, sewing machines, and workstations with creative software access. It will be a hub to build, make and create, to share and learn new skills required for the future, with a focus on robotics, coding and design. It can also assist kick starting innovative businesses and be utilised as an incubator promoting local business development.

All three candidates are dedicated to building a bright future for the City of Gosnells.

Our vision for the City is to create a place you are proud to call home and do business, a place where our residents feel safe, included and can enjoy our City’s parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities.

We share a vision to include our community in the decision making process to ensure the City is delivering the projects and services that are important to our residents and local businesses.






LYNES, Terresa



3 Individual Councillor Candidates with a shared vision for the City of Gosnells.